Andrés de Campo

Brief Biography

Andrés de Campo was born in Portugal but the exact year is not known. He was a member of Vázquez de Coronado's company. As the Expedition was deciding to return to New Spain, fray Juan de Padilla asked that Andrés accompany him back to Quivira. The captain general agreed. Apparently Andrés escaped during the killing of fray Juan and returned to Mexico. The question remains whether one reason Andrés was willing to go back to Quivira was to look for Bartolomé del Campo, perhaps a relative.

Title (Y/N)
Country of Origin
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Mexico City
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Post Expedition Occupation
Residence After Expedition
?Mexico City

pre 1530:

?Orozco y Berra in Dorantes de Carranza, Sumaría relación [p.400: Andrés Campos signed a 1520 letter, w/Narváez]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [3 horses, elkhide jacket, in company of Vázquez de Coronado]

Castañeda in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 28 [fol. 126v: a Campo stayed in Quivira with fray Juan de Padilla but escaped when Padilla was killed];

Tello, Libro Segundo [485: Juan de Padilla persuaded Andrés del Campo, portuguese, to go with him];

?Chávez Hayhoe, Guadalajara en el siglo XVI  [p. 113-15: the 63 founders of the fourth Guadalajara (1541/42) included an Andrés del Campo de Mendoza, portuguese; a Juan de Contreras, from the mountains of northern Spain; a Diego Hernández, from Andalucía; an Hernando Martín, from Andalucía; a Juan Muñoz, from Andalucía; Melchor Pérez de la Torre, from Estremadura; Juan de Saldívar, from Vizcaya; Pedro Sánchez Mejía, from Andalucía: Pedro Sánchez, from Andalucía; a Juan de Villareal, from Vizcaya (people were listed even when they were not physically present)]


Hillerkuss, Diccionario Biográfico, vol.1 [p.205: arrived back in Mexico City, 1552]

Other Info:

Jaramillo in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 30 (p.517: he is called a Portuguese (he may really be do Campo)];

?López de Gómara, Historia general [fol.205v:says he was the gardener of Francisco de Solís]


?AGI, Indiferente General, 1968, L.21 [fol.169:April 18, 1577, license for Cosme del Campo to Nueva España to his brother Andrés del Campo];

?AGI, Indiferente General, 1969, L.22 [fol.152:June 15, 1578, Andrés del Campo return to Nueva España and with a criado];

?AGI, Indiferente General, 2059, N.85 [1578: Andrés del Campo, vecino of Nueva España, to return where his brother, Cosme del Campo resides, receptor of the alcabalas of the Audiencia]