Luis de Escobedo

Brief Biography

We prefer the Luis de Escobedo who was born in Medinaceli (Soria) to Diego de Escobedo and doña María de Cascanti, because this Luis obtained a license to travel to New Spain in July 1537 and was listed just one person away from fellow expeditionary Andrés de Covarrubias. In the work of Boyd-Bowman there is only one Luis de Escobedo listed, so it is highly likely that the documentary evidence that we have pertains to this individual. Prior to the Expedition Viceroy Mendoza granted him a salary, something the viceroy did for several expeditionaries, probably based upon Luis's experience as a corregidor. Luis was present at the 1540 muster as an unassigned horseman. It is possible that the mestizo Francisco de Espinosa was his son, but where Francisco's mother was from is unknown.

Title (Y/N)
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Mexico City
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Pre-Expedition Occupation
Post Expedition Occupation
Residence After Expedition
Nixapa (Oaxaca), Mexico City
Name of Spouse
?a Native woman
Name of Children
?Francisco de Escobedo, mestizo
Ability to sign name
?father: Diego de Escobedo; ?mother: doña María de Cascanti


Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:10544 =  AGI, Pasajeros, L.2, E.3797 [son of Diego de Escobedo and doña María de Cascanti, vecinos of Medinaceli (Soria), to México July 1537 and not to Plata] (only 1 entry away from fellow expeditionary Cobasrrubias)]

AGI, Justicia, 269, Pieza 5, “Visita a Luis Marín, 1545” [witness in September 1539 is a Luis de Escobedo, estante in México, can sign his name];

AGI, Justicia, 258, Pieza 1, “Relacion de los salarios” [Nov. 1539:a luys de esCobedo...çient pesos de tepusque];

AGI, Justicia, 258, pieza 1, “Visita hecha al Virrey, 1544” [November 4, 1539: Mendoza ordered a reduction of 100 pesos de tepuzque in corregimiento salary for Escobedo, part of reductions throughout viceroyalty]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [3 horses, chainmail vest, elk hide jacket, native head armor]

AGI, Contaduría, 663B [payments to corregidores y tenientes de corregidor: to Luis de Escobedo, 600 pesos, as corregidor of the pueblo of Nixapa? for his first two years of service ending in June 1550]


AGI, Contaduría, 663B [Payments en quitas: to a Luis de Escobedo, 200 pesos, for a one-year extension of a grant ending in February 1555, and paid 250 pesos for sustenance aid for the year ending in February 1556, and paid 83 pesos for sustenance aid for the second third of the year ending in October 1556];

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1557 [Other grants: Luis de Escovedo, 83+ pesos, 14 Oct 1556-14 Feb. 1557, sustenance; and 83+ pesos, 29 April 1557-29 Aug 1557];

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1558 [Misc. grants: Luis de Escobedo, 83+ pesos, 29 Aug 1557-29 Dec 1557, for his sustenance; Pedro de Escobedo, 50 pesos, 7 Sept 1557-7 Jan 1558, continuation of a grant; Diego de Escobedo, lieutenant alguacil mayor de corte, 100 pesos, 30 Jan 1558-30 Sept 1558, poblador antiguo, many services];


AGI, México, 98 [2 Abril 1566, Pero Rodríguez locksmith sobre que se le perdone la muerte de Alonso Sanchez blacksmith; witness: Francisco de Escobedo, mestizo son of Luis de Escobedo, que posa en casa de Luis de Peñaroxa, age-21 +/-, doesn't know how to write];


?Romero de Solís, Andariegos  [a Diego de Escobedo, son of Diego García Descobedo and Elvira García de Bustamante, native of Sevilla, ref. Icaza, Diccionario #843, any relation?];

?AHZ, Reservado, Ayuntamiento, Actas de Cabildo, Documento no. 2, "Libro segundo" [fol. 48r: 1589, Hernando de Escovedo, 40 years old, vecino of the mines, witness for Diego Machon de Urrutia, depositario general];

?AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1559 [Payments to those who went to Florida with Luna: Gabriel de Escobedo, son of Diego de Escobedo, with the maese de campo];

?Icaza, Diccionario, #1360 [Pedro de Escobedo, native of Villanueva de Ariscal, en el Axarafe de Sevilla, says he brought his family to Santo Domingo and then brought a son from Santo Domingo in 1530 to Nueva España]