Pedro Martín de la Bermeja

Brief Biography

Pedro Martín de la Bermeja was a native of Calzadilla (Cáceres province) and the son of Juan Martín de la Bermeja and Leonor Sánchez, la Pavona. Pedro obtained his license for New Spain in March 1534. He was present at the 1540 muster as a footman. Immediately upon the return of the Expedition from Tierra Nueva, Pedro was among several members who joined the Villalobos expedition to the Philippines. Because his name does not appear in the documentary record after the Villalobos expedition, Pedro may have remained in Spain.

Title (Y/N)
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Lisbon, Portugal
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Residence After Expedition
went to the Philippines
father:Juan Martín de la Bermeja; mother: Leonor Sánchez, la Pavona


AGI, Pasajeros, L.1, E.4191 = Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:1067 [says went with Villalobos to Philippines in 42 [ref. Sch] March 2, 1534 [Pedro Martín de la Bermeja, hijo de Juan Martín de la Bermeja y de Leonor Sánchez, la Pavona, natural de Calzadilla, a Nueva España (this could well be him; it is a very unusual name, only 3 matches on computer, this is the only one from the sixteenth century; see also Francisco Martín, AGI, Pasajeros, L.1, E.4190; could be a relative, connected at Calzadilla and get licenses on same day with successive numbers)]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [crossbow, sword, dagger, native arms, footman]

AGI, Patronato, 23, R.10 [Relación del viaje de Ruy López de Villalobos: Filipinas, 1542 [actually written between 1546 and 1549]; the fleet departed from el puerto de Juan Gallego on the día de todos santos, 1542 (thus, even people who completed the whole of the Coronado expedition could have sailed with Villalobos); día de los reyes, 1543, before reaching the Philippines the galera went down in a storm; then on January 23 they encountered natives who spoke Spanish; fols. 18v and 19r include a "Memoria de los castellanos que son vivos del armada de vuestra ilustrisima señoría;" on that list are don Alonso Manrique, Guido de Labozares, an Alonso Jiménez, a Diego López, a Juan Pérez, a Martín Sánchez, a Benavente, a Diego Sánchez de Cíbola, a Pero González, a Francisco de Simancas, a Lorenzo Suárez de Figueroa, a Juan Gómez, a Juan Gallego, a Juan Gutiérrez de la Caballería, a Tórres, Pedro Martín de la Bermeja (must be our man with such an odd name), an Hernán Pérez, a Juan de Morales; latest date in document is in Lisbon August 1, 1548];

Escalante Alvarado, Relación del viaje [p. 145-46: Villalobos expedition, an Alonso de Lara is listed, as is don Alonso Manrique, el capitán (our man), these may be the same person; also listed is a Pedro Martín de la Bermeja (certainly our man); also a Juan Morales]

Other Info: Piferrer, Nobiliario, 3:105, #1279 [Martín: escudo of gules and un castillo almenado and aclarado de los mismo]