Cristóbal del Valle

Brief Biography: 
Cristóbal del Valle was not present at the 1540 muster. He stated in 1547 that he did participate in the Expedition and that he had been in New Spain since 1536. Cristóbal was a native of Aranda de Duero (Burgos province) and the son of Antonio del Valle and Ana de le Yua (probably Leyba). He was probably a horseman because he stated that he took horses with him to Tierra Nueva. Upon his return, he settled in western Mexico.
Title (Y/N): 
Date of Birth: 
before 1524
Age Set: 
Country of Origin: 
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region): 
Place of Birth (City/Town): 
Aranda de Duero
Died on the Expedition?: 
Last Known Location: 
Purificación, Mexico
Position on Expedition: 
Residence After Expedition: 
Guadalajara, Purificación (Mexico)
Name of Spouse: 
Ynés de Valle
Ability to sign name: 
father:Antonio del Valle; mother: Ana de Leyba


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daughter: Palomino y Cañedo, Protocolos de Rodrigo Hernández Cordero, Anotaciones, #60 [p.258; Ynés del Valle, daughter of Cristóbal de Valle, was wife of Diego Hurtado; Palomino y Cañedo believes she is the daughter of Cristóbal even though Icaza only says she is a daughter of a conqueror]