Damián, indio

Brief Biography: 
The indios amigos were not listed on the 1540 muster but many were present. They also rarely appear as individuals in the documentary record. Damián was a principal in the San Sebastián barrio of Mexico City. Due to his participation in the Expedition, he was given license to ride a horse and carry a sword. Most Natives were not allowed to do either.
Country of Origin: 
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region): 
Federal District
Place of Birth (City/Town): 
Mexico City, San Sebastián
Date of Death: 
Died on the Expedition?: 
Last Known Location: 
Mexico City
Indigenous Social Status: 
Residence After Expedition: 
Mexico City


AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD72, Real Audiencia, Mercedes, vol.2, exp. 23, 1542 [frame 25: licencia to Damián, indio principal y natural de México en el barrio de San Sebastián, to have and ride a horse and carry a sword, atento que en servicio de su magestad fuystes a la tierra nueva, December 23, 1542];

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD72, Real Audiencia, Mercedes, vol.2, exp. 327, 1543 [fol. 130r: Damián, natural de esta tierra e principal e natural de esta ciudad de la parte de México, asks for and is granted a solar on the left side of the calle that runs from Santo Domingo to Santa Ana on which to build “casas en que viviesedes;” July 1543]

AGI, Justicia, 258, pieza 1, “Visita hecha al Virrey, 1544” [principal de mexico que es ya muerto] [went on expedition]